The Bid Locker E-Procurement Suite is easy to use, feature-rich, and affordable for any size procurement office.

Whether you’re transitioning from paper-based procurement, or you have a procurement platform that’s costly or difficult to use, the Bid Locker E-Procurement Suite is the ideal cloud-based procurement platform for your purchasing office.

Starting at $69/mo per staff seat license — with no hidden costs or no setup fees — the Bid Locker E-Procurement Suite gives you solicitation management, vendor management, a rich set of email outreach tools, reporting, and more.

Read on! We’d like to tell you more.


Bid Locker is packed with useful stuff.

We offer modules for:

  • Solicitation management,
  • Vendor management,
  • Email outreach,
  • Awards,
  • Virtual public openings,
  • and more.

Every one of our modules is packed with helpful features, each one designed to make your work in public purchasing go more smoothly.

It's also simple and user-friendly.

We work hard to make sure that the Bid Locker E-Procurement Suite is intuitive and easy-to-use platform, not just for you but for your vendors and potential vendors.

Building user-friendly software isn't just about convenience or reducing support needs and frustration. It's about reassuring the community that public procurement an open and transparent process, easy to understand.

Our interface helps you minimize risk.

And Bid Locker is affordable.

Our platform is priced affordably for any agency of any size, starting at $69/mo.

We do not charge a setup fee, no costly integration fees – just a seat license fee of $69 per month per active agency staffer.

If your agency doesn't need a full e-procurement suite, our Secure Lock Box allows you to accept bids electronically for even less.

There is no cost to vendors, ever, for the Bid Locker platform.

“Bid Locker from Equity Hub came at just the right time to help us through the initial COVID-19 crisis. We updated our processes and were accepting solicitation responses within a week!”

Karen Thomson
Director, Contracting and Procurement Services, Portland State University

We've built in everything your office needs to manage public procurement.

Public procurement can be complicated. From making sure that you’ve met your organization’s outreach requirements to collecting all the proper documentation before issuing your awards, there’s often a lot of nuance to the process.

Bid Locker supports both simple and complex workflows, and our user interface makes each task straightforward and easy to understand. We’ve worked hard to anticipate the purchasing needs of a variety of organizations, and we continually refine our platform to improve usability.

Below is a comparison of our Secure Lock Box and the Full E-Procurement Suite, to highlight the variety of purchasing tasks we accommodate:

Women looking at computer

Secure Lock Box

Full E-Procurement Suite

Procurement Workflow

Bidders List

Commodity Code Support

Document Types

Email / Notification Outreach Tools

Proposal Evaluator Support

Extended Vendor Profiles

Full-text Search

Invitation-Only Solicitations

Line-Item Bidding

Pre-Bid Conference

Vendor Q&A

Multi-Stage Responses

Virtual Public Openings


Built-in Antivirus Scanning

Data-at-Rest Database Encryption

Document Encryption

Secure Login


Section 508 Compliance

Mobile Friendly

File Library

Full-text Document Search


Diverse DB Integration

Custom Certifications

Good-faith Effort Reporting (optional)


Transparent Pricing

$49/mo per seat

$69/mo per seat

Priced affordably for any agency.

We’ve made Bid Locker affordable even for small agencies and agencies with limited budgets.

You can start with a 60-day evaluation period, to try out Bid Locker and see how well it works for you. After that, your cost is determined by the number of active agency staff accounts you need. We have no minimum seat license requirements, either.

We have no setup fees and no hidden costs. You can opt for monthly or annual billing, and you can cancel at any time.

There is also no cost to vendors, now or ever.

$ 0
per month

You can opt for as few or as many seat licenses as you need — if one or more of your staff share a seat license, that’s fine, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help us with a migration from an existing platform?

Yes, we’d be happy to help. We can import vendor records, purchasing histories, old solicitation notices, nearly any kind of record you need.

Can you integrate with our financial system?

In general, yes. As long as your financial system has an import/export mechanism that we can use programmatically, then we can link the Bid Locker E-Procurement Suite with it.

Can you help us reach out to our old vendors, to let them know about a new platform?

Yes. We have sample emails you can use, and if you can provide us with a list of vendor emails, we can set up email distribution lists to help you with outreach.

Can you provide our IT department with any security or accessibility assessments?

Yes, if they have any assessments they’d like us to complete, we’re happy to do so.


Questions? Need more information? Want to set up a demo?

If you have questions, would like to see a demo, or would like to start using Bid Locker, please reach out to us: